Year 1981, No. 1 (January - February)

Voinstvensky M. A. Concerning the History of Ecological Studies in the Ukrainian SSR

Fauna and Taxonomy

Khotenovsky I. A. On Taxonomic Position of Some Monogenea Specics from the Paradiplozoon Achmerov, 1974 Genus (Monogenea, Diplozoidae)

Murina G.-V. V. First Information on Sea Worms, Sipunculoids and Echiuroids, of the Somali Littoral Waters

Kolodochka L. A. New Phytoseiidae Mites of the Crimea (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae). Communication I

Savchenko E. N. Three New Species of Limoniid-Flies (Diptcra, Limoniidae) from the USSR

Puchkov P. V. A Key of Reduviidae (Heteroptera) Larvae from the European Part of the USSR


Pichka V. E. Optic System of Salticidae (Aranei). I. Organization Principles

Khîkhlîva S. Yu., Anufriev G. A. Colour and Pattern Variability in Two Remote Populations of Macropsis prasina (Boh., 1852) (Homoptera, Cicadellidae)

Kruglov N. D., Frolenkova O. A. Structure of Ovipositions in Molluscs of the Valvatidae Family (Pectinibranchia, Ectobranchia)


Machkevsky V. K., Parukhin A. M. On the Role of Trematodes from the Proctoeces Îdhner, 1911 Genus in Certain Littoral Biocenoses of the Black Sea

Ternovsky D. V., Turnanov I. L., Ternovskaya Yu. G. Ecological Influence on Cardiac Activity in Mustelidae

Brief Information

Shcherbak N. N., Golubev M. L. New Findings of Amphibia and Reptiles in Middle Asia and Kazakhstan

Sattorov T. Phrynocephalus helioscopus saidalievi ssp. n. (Sauria, Reptilia) — a New Subspecies of Ph. helioscopus from the Ferghana Valley

Peklo A. M. A New Finding of Halcyon pileata in Southern Primorie

Starovir I. S., Barabanova V. V. Food Digestion in Phytoseiulus persimilis, Amblyseius andersoni and A. reductus (Gammasoidea, Phytoseiidae)

Galanova T. F., Surgova Ò. M., Derevyanko R. I. Study of Cellulolysis in Eggs of Lymaniria dispar L

Baranchikov Yu. N. Energy Expenditures of Lymantria dispar L. Caterpillars when Changing Food Plant

Savkovsky P. P., Rybalov L. N. Biological Properties of Agrilus viridis L.

Kovaleva I. M. On the Functional Analysis of Sternum in Some Rodents

Kilochitsky P. Ya. On Combined Infestation of Anopheles claviger Mg. Larvae with Microsporidia and Fungi

Criticism and Bibliography

Mamaev Â. M. “Historical Development of the Insect Class”

Information and News Items

Zerova M. D. The 2nd Congress of the Ukrainian Entomological Society

Gushcha G. I., Sharpilo L. D. The 9th Conference of the Ukrainian Republican Scientific Society of Parasitologists

Melnik K. P. The Ist Congress of Morphologists of the Ukraine