Year 1981, No. 4 (July - August)

The Institute of Zoology of the Ukr.SSR Academy of Sciences in the Eleventh Five-Year Period

The Fauna and Taxonomy

Nesin V. A. A New Vole Species Dolomys ondatroides sp. n. (Rodentia, Microtidae) from the Kotlovin Habitat

Santos Hose Antonio, Tarashchuk V. I. Birds from Forest Si.inds of the Cuba Central Regions

Kotenko . I. Eremias argula deserti (Reptilia, Sauria) in the Ukraine. Communication 1

Khlopunov E. N. A New Species of the Genus Ooencyrtus Ashmead, 1900 (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) from the Middle Belt of the USSR European Part

Krivosheina N. P. Taxonomy of Fenestralis Group Species of the Genus Scenopinus Latr. (Diplera, Scenopinidae)

Klyuchko Z. F., Smetanin A. N. Owlets (Nocturdae, Lepidoplera) Irom the "Trostyanetz" Reservation

Mamontova V. A., Kolomoets T. P. A New Genus and Species of Aphid (Homoptera, Aphidinea, Peinphigidae) from Ihe Populus bolleana Lauch Roots

Gushcha G. I. Chiggers of the Genus Odontacarus: Rediscription of O. saxicolis Schluger, Hushcha et Kudrjaschowa, 1965 (Acariformes, Leeuwenhoekiidae)

Shchur L. E. Acaroid Mites from S'and Martin Nests of the Middle Dnieper and Sivash Areas


Lozan M. N., Lozan A. M. Structure of the Population as One of Bases of Wild Boar Rational Utilization

Zolotukhina S. I. Seasonal and Ecosystem Differences in the Content of Lipids in Social Vole

Ivanovsky V. V., Umanskaya A. S. Trophic Relations of Accipiter gentilis L. in Northern Byelorussia

Zabroda S. N., f lien E. P. Peculiarities of Reproduction and Larval Development of Pelobates fuscus (Laur.) from the Ukrainian Polessie

vander E. N. Seasonal Fluctuations of Rotifer Amount in One of Kiev Ponds


Zaetz V. A., Kalyuzhnaya T. A. On the Structure of Cutaneous Glands iri Certain Slow-Swimming Fishes

Brief Notes

Kotlyarov O. N. On the Methods for Studying Age Changes in Rodent Skull Suture

Brief Notes

Rubtsov I. A. A New Mermitide Species from Carabus sp.

Kabanov V. A. On Trophic Relations of the Tenchrionidae Field Species

Fedorenko I. A., Nikitchenko N. ., Kuzmenko V. Ya. Biting Lice (Mallophaga) of Certain Birds the Middle Dnieper Area

Fedorenko A. P., Aleyeva L. V., Tito V. A. Accumulation of Organophosphoric Pesticides in Warm-Blooded Animals after Chemical Treatment of Forests

Pupavkin D. M., Chernenko Yu. f. Fauna of Long-Horned Beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from the Forest-Tundra of the Taimir Peninsula

Loparev S. A., Tsvelykh A. N. Finding of Melanistic Fndividuum of Lacerta viridis Laur

Cditicism and Bibliography

Gribakin F. G. L. I. Frantsevich. Space Visual Analysis in Insects

Sharpilo V. P. I. V. Merkusheva, A. F. Bobkova. Helminths of Domestic and Wild Animals in Byelorussia. A. Catalogue