Year 1982, No. 3 (May - June)

Dīlin V. G. Soil Zoology Research in the Ukraine: Present State and Outlook

Frantsevich L. I. Righting Kinematics in Coleopterans. II. Modes of Righting

Fauna and Systematics

Monchenko V. I. Crustacean Genus Smirnoviella (Cyclopidae) in the Caspian Sea with Description of a New Species

Kluge N. Yu. New and Little-Known Baetis rhodani Mayfly Group Species (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae) from Middle Asia and Kazakhstan

Yavornitsky V. I., Kharambura Ya. I. On Ectoparasitic Infestation of Collared Turtle Dove and Rock Dove in the Vicinities of Lvov

Mamedova T. G., Ermolenko V. M. A Contribution to Fauna and Zoogeography of the Sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) of the Caucasus Major within Azerbaijan

Stadnichenko A. P. New and Little-Known Cycladidae Species of the Ukrainian Fauna. Communication 11

Vereshchagin N. K. A New Gydansk (Yuribey) Mammoth Find

Nekrutenko Yu. P., Korshunov Yu. P., Effendi R. M. E. Critic Remarks on the Fauna and Systematics of Butterflies (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) from Transcaucasia. Communication II


Kashentseva T. A. Age Structure of the Oka Reservation Swift (Apus apus) Population

Rīmanīv Yu. M., Romashin A. V. A Contribution to European Roe-Deer Ecology in the Kaliningrad Region


Pavlinov I. Ya. Molar Teeth Structure in Rhombomys poimus with Remarks on the Rhombomys-Pliorhombomys Group (Rodentia, Gerbillinae) Systematics

Korshunova L. A. Arcus Aortae Wall Tissue Peculiarities in Certain Artiodactyla

Lukhanin V. Ya. On Structure and Topography of the Oesophagus in Bottle Nosed Dolphin

Shulga V. I. On Ulnar Rudimentation in Great Noctula Bat During Postnatal Onthogenesis

Short Communications

Zabroda S. N. Some Additional Diagnostic Characters and Determinative Illustrations of the Anuran Amphibians from the Ukrainian Polessie

Iskov M. P., Karatayev A. K. A New Myxosporidian Species from Percarina demidoffi

Drapun I. E. Pelagic Ostracoda from South Atlantic Subtropical Region

Kīnīnīva S. V. New Scelonid Genus and Species from the Southern Ukraine

Palienko L. P. Parastasia breviflagellata sp. n—a New Euglenoidid Genus (Protozoa) from Eucyclops serrulatus Intestine

Tryapitsyn V. A. A New Parasitic Hymenopteran Species of the Genus Metpsyllaephagus (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) from the Eastern Crimea

Chronicle and Information

Akimov I. A., Bodnarchuk L. I., Movchan Yu. V. Zoological Research During the 24th Route of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences Research Vessel "Akademik Vernadsky"

Faunistic Notes

Babko V. M.

Petrenko A. A.