Year 1982, No. 5 (September - October)

Fedorenko A. P. Pesticides as a Factor in Natural Selection

Fauna and Systematics

Shchur L. E., Golovach G. P. Acaroidea from the Redbacked Vole Nests

Shcherbak G. I., Balan P. G. Gamasid Mites from the Sand Martin Nests of the Central Forest Steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

Dolin V. G. New Click-Beetle Species of the Genus Selatosomus (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from the Caucasus and Ghissar-Darwaz Mountains

Osychnyuk A. Z. New Middle Asian Bee Species of the Genus Andrena (Hymenoptera, Andrenidae)

Zaitsev A. I. New and Little Known Species of the Fungus Gnats (Diptera, Mycetophiloidea) from the USSR Fauna

Mishchenko Yu. V. On Taxonomic Relations of Parus major intermedins (Zarudny) with Tits of Adjoining Regions

Kovshar A. F., Levin A. S., Gubin . M. Brandt's Rosy Finch Nest Finds in the Tien-Shien

Topachevsky V A., Rekovets L. I. New Materials for Taxonomy and Evolution of Ellobius s.str. (Rodentia, Cricetidae)


Bondarenko D. A. Summer-Autumn Ecology of Phrynocephalus rossikowi

Peklo A. M. A Study in Feeding of Some Passeriform Birds of the Pamir-Alai Mountain Range

Dorogoy I. V. Materials to Biology of the Knot on the Wrangel Island


Lukhanin B. Ya. Anatomic Structure and Topography of the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin Stomach

Gulo V. L., Veselovsky M. V., Morozova N. N. Nervus Vagus Course and Branching on Stomach Cameras in Black Sea Dolphins

Short Communications

Kilochitsky P. Ya., Georgiyeva E. K. A Discovery of Cicrosporidia in Blood-Sucking Mosquitoes in Kareliya

Savchenko E. N. A Contribution to the Taxonomy and Synonymy of the Stone Fly Species, Limnophila posthabita and L. tetrasticta (Diptera, Limoniidae)

Ametov M. Materials to the Black Headed Wagtail Ecology in the Amu-Darya Lower Streams

Khomatov V. Kh. A Special Type of the Brain Vessel Structure in Some Carnivores

Faunistic Notes

Ermolenko V. M.