Year 1983, No. 1 (January - February)

Institute of Zoology of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences for Agricultural Practice

Fauna and Systematics

Kovaleva A. A., Gayevskaya A. V. First Data on Fish Mixosporidia of the South-Eastern Pacific Open Waters

Karatayev A. K., Iskov M. P. A Contribution to Knowledge of Fish Mixosporidia of the Dnieper Estuary

Savchenko E. N. Three New Species of the Limoniidae (Diptera) from the USSR

Osychnyuk A. Z. Three New Andrena Species (Hymenoptera, Andrenidae) from Kazakhstan

Fedorenko I. A. New Species of the Genus Philopterus (Mallophaga, Philopteridae) from Wheatears of the USSR

Parukhin A. M., Machkevskiy V. K., Il'chenko S. V. Peculiarities of the Fish Helminth Fauna of the Egorlytsky Bay

Sharpilo V. P., Radchenko N. M., Kornyusitin V. V. Oochoristica pseudocotylea (Cestoda, Skrjabinochoridae)a New Species for the USSR Fauna

Kornyushin V. V., Spassky A. A. Redescription of Avocettolepis vaginata (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae)

Shcherbak G. I. Peculiarities of the Sand Martin Nest Gamasiid Mite Fauna


Gisenko A. I. Ecology of Scirtopoda telurn in the Ukraine

Movchan Yu. V., Roginskaya I. M. Morpho-Ecological Characteristics of the Bleak in Some Water Bodies of the Ukraine

Zolotukhina S. I. Biochemical and Energetic Indices Dynamics in Microtus socialis of the Ukrainian Steppe Zone

Short Communications

Bortkevitsh L. V. A Contribution to Knowledge of Daily Vertical Migrations in Corophiidae (Amphipoda)

Zakharenko A. V. A New Chrysopa Species (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) from Tajik SSR

Shevchenko A. K., Popovitch A. P. Variability of Some Morphological Characters in Culicoides Flies (Diptera)

Tereznikova E. M. Cactus Mealy Bug (Homoptera, Pseudococcidae) in Greenhouses of Kiev

Kostyushin V. A. Distribution of Introduced Blackbirds in Kiev

Maikhruk M. I., Yurenkova N. A. On Population of Great Tit in Populated Sites of Mordovian ASSR

Petrichenko L. F. On Red-Backed Shrike Nestlings Feeding

Buteyko T. P. Carbofos Influence on Some Biochemical and Morpho-Physiological Indices of Pheasants

Book Reviews

Manziy S. F., Berezkin A. G. V. N. Pavlova "Synovial Articulation Media"

Information and News Items

Rogatko I. V. Third International Theriological Congress


Savchenko E. N.

Nekrutenko Yu. P.

Kolodochka L. A.

Chumak V A., Kiselyuk A. I.