Year 1983, No. 5 (September - October)

Brovdy V. M., Zerova M. D., Protopopova V. V. Perspectives in Specialized Weed-Dwelling Insects Research in the Ukrainian SSR

Fauna and Systematics

Belyshev B. F., Kharitonov A. Yu, Zoogeographic Structure of the Odonatan Fauna of the Subholarctic Mediterranean Subregion

Kaplin V. G. A Contribution to the Thysanuran Fauna of the Crimean Southern Coast

Belan N. G. Late-Pleistocene Reindeer of the Dnieper Area

Korotkevich E. L., Krakhmalnaya . V. Neogene Water-Goals of the Genus Procobus from the Western Black Sea Area


Radzimovsky V. D. Seasonal Population Dynamics of Cladocera in a Desiccated Water-Body

Kolodochka L. A. Ecological Peculiarities of the Predaceous Mite Amblyseius longispinosus

Sergienko G. D. A Study of Oribatid Mites in the Crimea

Poluda A. M. Certain Regularities in Bird Seasonal Migrations Through the Area of Kiev Reservoir


Sych V. F., Bogdanovich I. A. Comparative Morphology of Femoral Retractor Muscles in Some Galli- and Columbiform Birds

Nikolaichuk L. A., Vronsky A. A. Morpho-Functional Analysis of the MuscleTendon Complex in Vomer

Voronov L. N. A Morphometric Characteristic of Great Tit Digestive Organs

Short Communications

Shuvalikov V. B. Inversion Polymorphism Dynamics in Anopheles messae Populations of the Lower Dnieper Area

Shcherbak G. I., Sklyar V. E. A New Species of the Genus Dendrolaelaspis (Gamasina, Rhodacaridae) from the Ukraine

Gurieva E. L. New Species and Genus of the Click-Beetles (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from Iran

Odnosum V. K. Larval Morphology of Mordellistena falsoparvula

Chelebiyev K. A. Description of Dendrolaelaspis lobatus Deutonymph

Semenov N. N. Artificial Nest Population Rate of the Pied Flycatcher as Depended on Population Density

Mishchenko Yu. V. New Data on the Bird Fauna of Kopet-Dagh

Brief Notes

Rusev I. T.

Savchenko E. N.

Hulay V. I.

Belan N. G., Korniets N. L.