Year 1984, No. 5 (September - October)

Fauna and Systematics

Gayevskaya A. V., Kovalyova A. A. Materials to the Myxosporidian Fauna of the Celtic Sea Fishes

Lisitsyna . I., Sharpilo V. P. On Regularities in Geographic Distribution of Some Acanthocephala Species of the Genera Centrorhynchus and Sphaerirostris in the USSR Territory

Monchenko V. I., Sopova E. M. New Cyclops (Crustacea, Cyclopidae) for the Fauna of the Ukraine

Fedorenko I. A. New Species of Philopterus (Mallophaga, Philopteridae) from Fringillidae and Ploceidae Birds of the USSR Fauna

Putshkov V. G., Putshkov P. V. A Review of Geographical Distribution of Reduviidae (Heteroptera) of the World

Pototskaya V. A. Adaptive Peculiarities and Phylogenetic Relationships of Pyrochroid Beetles (Coleoptera) in the Light of Larval Stages Study

Sergienko G. D. A Contribution to the Study of Primitive Oribatids (Oribatei, Macropylina) of the Ukrainian SSR Fauna

Shcherbak G. I. Description of Dendrolaelaps tnoserisimilis sp. n. wth Additions to Diagnosis of D. moseri (Parasitiforines, Rhodacaridae)


Kititsyna L. A. Oxygen Consumption by Bothriocephalus acheilognathi from the Carp Fingerling Intestine

Kolodochka L. A. An Analysis of Some Ecological Peculiarities of Parthenogenetic and Bisexual Species of Phytoseiid Mites

Petrusenko A. A., Smirnov A. I. Trophic Relations of Cottidae Rishes of the Lower Danube

Talposh V. S. Materials to the Stonechat Ecology in the Western Ukrainian SSR


Antonenko L. A. Macro-microscopic Structure of Antebrachial Muscles and their Arterial Vascularization in Some Vertebrates

Pridatko V. I. Exterior Characters Variation in Kittiwakes of Wrangel Island

Short Communications

Sviridov A. V. A New Species of Noctuid Moth (Lepidoptera) from the Northern Amur Area

Kreuzberg A. V.-A. Parnassius loxias (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) in the USSR Territory

Mamayev Yu. B. A Complex of Birch-Dwelling Xylophagous Insects in Montane Larch Forests of the Tuva Autonomous SSR

Barabanova V. V. Variation of Digestive Enzymes Activity in Varroa Mites During Ontogenesis

Shakhmaev N. K. Survival Rate of Limnaea stagnalis Under Effect of Copper Ions

Tarashchuk S. V. On Variation of Rana arvalis in the Territory of the Ukraine

Manilo V. V., Pisanets E. V. The Karyotype of Teratoscincus scincus (Sauria Gekkonidae) from the Turkmen Territory

Goncharov G. T. On Certain Rare Woodcocks of Uzbekistan

Melnichuk V. A., Golovach O. F. Distribution of Colonial Birds in the Northern Part of the Kiev Reservoir During Its Stabilization

Kornyushin A. V., Petrusenko A. A., Smogorzhevsky L. A. Terrestrial Mollusks in the Diet of Starling Nestlings


Seregina L. Ya.

Gurando E. V., Pavlenko . M.

Golovushkin M. I.

Kostenko S. M., Palienko L. P., Ovcharenko N. A.

Savchenko E. N.

Sharpilo L. D., Melnichenko E. D.

Effendi R. M. E.

Sharpilo L. D., Lugovaya L. V.

Osipova M. A.