Year 1986, No. 3 (May - June)

Bodnarchuk L. I. The Ways of Protection and Efficient Use of Pollinating Insects in the Ukraine

Fauna and Systematics

Parukhin A. M. Peculiarities of Nototheniid Fish Helminth Fauna in Subarctic Sector of Indian Ocean

Korniushin V. V., Sharpilo L. D. A New Genus of Taeniidae (Cestoda) Parasites of Mustelidae

Zerova M. D., Seregina L. Ya., TSYBULSKY A. I. On Systematic Position and Host-Parasite Relationships of Dibrachys cavus (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae). Communication II

Kotenko A. G. New and Little-Known Species of the Genus Apanteles (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)

Sergienko G. D. On the Found of Steganacarus (Sieganacarus) brevipilus in the Ukrainian SSR Territory

Pridatko V. I., Lutsyuk . B. Bird Fauna of the Herald Island (Chukotsk Sea)

Zagorodnyuk I. V., Teslenko S. V. Sibling Specics of the Microtus arvalis Superspecies in the Ukraine. Communication I. Distribution of Microtus subarvalis

Kochev V. A. Specific Criteria of Mi Molars in Microtus agrestis, M. arvalis, M. oeconomus, M. gregalis, M. tniddendorfi, M. hyperboreus


Emelyanov I. G., Mezhzherin V. A., Mikhalevich O. A. Methods of Integrated Organisms Evaluation


Mordvinov Yu. E. Morphological Peculiarities of Locomotory Organ and Body in Loggerhead and European Pond Tortoise

Slesarenko N. A. Structural-Functional Characteristics of Joint Cartilage in Some Mustelidae

Short Communications

Martin M. O. New Genera of Pyraustidae (Lepidoptera) of West Palearctics

Radchenko A. G. Lasius meridionalis (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the USSR Fauna

Zubko V. N. Nesting Life of Ruddy Sheldrake in Askania-Nova

Research Methods

Bozhansky A. T., K.Udryavtsev S. V. An Experience of Caucasian Viper Breeding in Captivity

Kuznetsov G. T. A Method of Checking of Some Animal Groups within the Limited Territory

Information and Chronicle

Dvoinos G. M. Parasitocoenological Coordinating Symposium in Moscow

Entomological Notes