Year 1987, No. 1 (January - February)

Fauna and Systematics

Dvoinos G. M., Kharchenko V. A. Morphology and Differential Diagnostics of the Trichonematinae Larvae (Nematoda) Parasites of the Horse

Gorokhov A. V. New Fossil Orthopterans of the Families Bintoniellidae, Mesoedischiidae fam. n. and Pseudelcanidae fam. n. (Orthoptera, Ensifera) from Perm and Triassic Deposits of the USSR

Diakonchuk L. A. A Review of Inquilines of Gall-Forming Cynipidae (Hymenoptera) of the Ukrainian Fauna. Communication II

Dolin V. G., Suzuki W. Species of the Penia opatroides Group (Coleoptera, Elateridae) of the Himalayan Region

Korneyev V. A The Asparagus Fly and Its Position in the System of the Tephritidae (Diptera)


Berest Z. L. Trophic Connections of the Grain Leaf Aphids Predators

Kolodochka L. A. Development of Three Phytoseiid Mite Species (Parasitiformes). I. Embryonic Development

Melkumyan L. S., Pisanets E. M. Body Size and Mass Variability in Some Anuran Amphibia in Lowland and in Mountains

Kovshar A. F., Ivashchenko A. A., Kovshar V. A. Biology of the Red-Headed Bunting in Talass Ala-Tau (West Tien-Shan). Communication II. Reproduction Cycle, Nesting Terms, Fertility


Dolinskaya I. V. External Morphology of Notodontid Moth Eggs (Lepidoptera) of the USSR Fauna. Communication I

Sapaev E. A. Cytological and Ultrastructural Reculiarities of the Prepupa Fat Body in Megachile centuncularis

Short Communications

Radzimovsky V. D. On Rare Cladoceran Species of the Ukrainian Polesye and Problems of Their Protection

Lopatin I. K. New Species of the Chrysomelid Beetles (Coleoptera) of the Montane Middle Asia

Osipova M. A. The Sate of the Larus relictus Transbaikalian Population in 1982