Year 1987, No. 5 (September - October)

Fauna and Systematics

Putshkov P. V. On the Status of Some Palearctic Assasin-Bugs (Heteroptera, Reduviidae)

Kozlov M. V., Kononova S. V. New Species of Telenominae (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) in the USSR Fauna. Communication 2

Subbotina I. A. New Species of the Oribatid Mites of the Family Scheloribatidae from the USSR Territory

Akhmedov S. B., Shcherbak N. N. Geographic Variation and Interspecific Systematics of Mabuya aurata (Sauria, Scincidae)

Topachevsky I. V. A New Species of the Genus Amphilagus (Lagomorpha, Palaeolagidae) from the Middle Sarmat of the Ukraine

Pinchuk V. I. Taxonomic Notes on the Gobiid Fishes (Perciformes) of the Ukrainian Fauna


Nadvorny V. G. Soil Invertebrate Activity During Autumn-Winter Period in the Central Forest-Steppe Ukraine

Boyarchuk V. P. Peculiarities of Different Age Starling Nestling Feeding


Stenko R. P. Sensory Apparatus in Two Microphallid Cercaria Species of the Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea

Akimov I. A., Gorgol V. T. Morphological and Functional Grounds of Trophic Specialization of a Predaceous Mite, Cheyletus eruditus (Trombidiformes, Cheyletidae)

Antonenko L. A. On the Structure of Skeletal Muscles Lymph Pathways

Kovtun M. F., Likhotop R. I. On the Structure of Secondary Hard Palate in Chiropterans

Short Communications

Buzun V. A. Colonial Structure, Some Forms of Behaviour and Enemies of the Rose-Coloured Starling in the East Crimea

Smogorzhevsky L. A., Smogorzhevskaya L. I. Is It Possible to Use Egg Length and Width to Determine Their Initial Weight?

Gavrilov E. I., Berezovsky V. G., Gavrilov A. E., Yerokhov S. N., Khrokov V. V. On the Time of Red-Necked Phalarope Male and Female Autumn Migration in Kazakhstan

Rudik S. K. Sublingual Apparatus of the Indian Porcupine

Korolev S. G. A Description of the Larva of a New for the USSR Species of the Genus Choragus (Coleoptera, Anthribidae)

Kreuzberg A. V.-A. On the Names, Proposed by Yu. Yu. Stshetkin for Parnassius Subspecies (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae)

Devyatkin A. L. The Fritillary Melitaea turkmanica (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) in the West Kopet-Dagh

Zakharenko A. V. A New Species of the Genus Coniopteryx (Neuroptera, Coniopterygidae) from the Far East

Nesin V. A. A New Species of the Vole from Middle Pliocene of the Ukraine

Poltavskaya M. P., Gordeeva E. V. Two New Species of the Genus Eremulus (Orobatei, Eremulidae)

New Books

Verves Yu. G. Tanasiichuk V. N. Chamaemyiid Flies —Fauna of the USSR N. ser., No. 134, Diptera. Vol. 14, Fasc. 7

Agarkov G. B. Aleyev Yu. G. Ecomorphology