Year 1988, No. 1 (January - February)

Mamontova V. A. Co-Evolution, Conjugate Evolution and Conjugate Species, Exemplified by Aphids (Homoptera, Aphidinea)

Fauna and Systematics

Nikolaeva V. M., Mordvinova T. N. New Data on the Trematodes of the Genus Gonapodasmius from Flying Fishes of the Atlantic Ocean

Rasnitsyn A. P., Kovalev . V. The Oldest Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera, Archaeocynipidae fam. n.) from the Early Cretaceous Transbaikalia

Tolkanitz V. I., Seregina L. Ya. Ichneuinonidae (Hymenoptera) Predators of the Green Oak Moth in the South Ukraine

Kupyanskaya A. N. Far Eastern Representative of the Genus Liometopum (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Danilevsky M. L. Siberian Longicorn Beetles, of the Genus Oberea pupillata Group (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

Devyatkin A. L. Taxonomic Notes on the Skippers of the Genus Carcharodus (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)

Kotenko . I. A Contribution to the Insect Fauna of the Chernomorsky Nature Reserve: Some Methodic Questions and Research Results


Kolodochka L. A. Development of Three Phytoseiid Mite Species (Parasitiformes). III. Deutonymph and Onthogenesis as a Whole


Sten'ko E. N, Sten'ko R. P. The Life Cycle of the Trematode Brachylaima mesostoma

Short Communications

Kostenko A. G. Macrostomum rostratum (Turbellaria, Macrostomidae) a New for the Ukrainian Fauna Turbellarian Species

Bortkevich L. V. Corophiidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda) of the Dnieper Bay

Chistyakov Yu. A. New for the USSR Fauna Notodontid Moth Species (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae)

Gorbunov O. G. A Contribution to the Knowledge of Biology and Morphology of Synanthedon talischensis (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae)

Berest Z. L. Cecidomyiidae of the Subfamily Lestremiinae (Diptera) from, the Crimea

Balan P. G. New Mite Species of the Family Antennoseiidae (Parasitiformes, Mesostigmata)

Research Methods

Olifir V. N., Shalimov I. I. An Improved Artificial Nesting for the Bees of the Genus Osmia

Gonciiarenko A. E. A Method of Age Determination in Anuran Amphibia

Information and Chronicle

Nekrutenko Yu. P. Symposium "Systematics, Faumstics, Ecology and Protection of the Butterflies"

Kovtun M., Rakhmatulina I., Mazing M. IV European Symposium for Chiropteran Study