Year 1988, No. 3 (May - June)

Fauna and Systematics

Belokobylsky S. A. Far Eastern Braconid Species of the Genus Rogas (Hyinenoptera, Braconidae) with Pale Antennal Segments

Verves Yu. G. The Sarcophagidae (Diptera) of the Lund University Collection

Savchenko E. N. A New Crane-Fly Species (Diptera, Tipulidae) from the Eastern Yakutia

Shcherbak N. N. Zoogeographical Division of the Ukrainian SSR


Zolotukhina S. I. Peculiarities of the Spatial Distribution of Social Voles in Ascania Nova Biosphere Reserve

Mezhzherin V. A., Kirichuk S. A. Seasonal and Age Changes of the Cranium and Body Weight in Small Shrew

Tsvelykh A. N. Flight Velocity, Wingbeat Frequency and Flight Energetics in Slender-Billed Gull

Chaikovskaya A. V., Davydenko S. I. A Comparative Study of Extrapallial Liquid Chemical Nature in Marine and Freshwater Bivalvia

Rogatko I. V. Perspectives of Animal Life State Cadastre Compiling in the Ukraine


Akimov I. A., Yastrebtsov A. V. Embryonic Development of the Parasite Mite Varroa jacobsoni

Vronsky A. A., Nikolaichuk L. A. Comparative Anatomy of the Teleostean Fish Lateral Musculature Myomeres as Connected with Different Level of Locomotory Activity. Communication 2

Sych V. F., Bogdanovich I. A. Morphological Peculiarities of musculus extensor digitorum longus in Some Birds

Short Communications

Kluge N. Yu. A New Mayfly Species (Ephemeroptera, Ephemeridae) from Armenia

Zamotailov A. S. A New Carabid Beetle Species of the Genus Carterus (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Zaitsev Yu. M, Morpho-Ecological Peculiarities of the Beetle Orsodacne cerasi (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

New Books

Nekrutenko Yu. Official Lists and Indexes of Names and Works in Zoology (a Review)

Zaika V. K. Schmidt-Nielsen. Scaling. Why is Animal Size So Important? Russian Edition, 1987 (a Review)