Year 1988, No. 5 (September - October)

Zerova M. D., Shvedova R. I. Chalcidoideae (Hymenoptera) — Parasites of the Fall Webworm Moth in the South European Part of the USSR

Fauna and Systematics

Gayevskaya A. V., Rodyuk G. N. New and Rare Trematoda Species from Deep-Sea Fishes of the South West Atlantic

Sinev S. Yu. New Taxa of the Blastodacninae Moth Subfamily (Lepidoptera, Momphidae s. l.) of the USSR Fauna

Kolodochka L. A. A Redescription of Little-Known Amblyseius reticulatus (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae)

Kaznyshkin M. N. Late Jurassic Turtles of the Northern Ferghana (Kirghiz SSR)

Krakhmal'naya Ò. V., Svetlitskaya Ò. V., Chepalyga A. L. New Data on Mammal Fauna and Geology of Novaya Emetovka

Topachevsky V. A., Skorik A. F. New Vole—Toothed Cricetodontidae (Rodentia, Cricetidae) from Valesian of Eurasia and Some Questions of Supergeneric Systematics of Subfamily

Zykov A. E., Zagorodnyuk I. V. On Systematic Position of the Social Vole of Kopetdagh (Mammalia, Rodentia)


Khomenko V. N., Petrusenko A. A., Zhezherin I. V. Peculiarities of Mesofauna Seasonal Dynamics in Essential Vegetation Types in Ascania Steppe

Puchkov A. V. Peculiarities of Vertical Distribution and Locomotory .Activity in Coleopterans within an Agrocoenosis (Examplified by Wheat Field)


Fedonyuk Ya. I. Morphofunctional Changes in Long Bones Under Readaptation after Hypokynezy

Vasilevskaya G. I. The Eye of Balaenoptera acutorostrata. I. General Structure and External Membrane of the Bulbus Oculi

Veselovsky M. V. Comparative Anatomic Study in the Vegetative Nervous System of Cetaceans

Short Communications

Makrushin A. V. On Morphological and Biological Variation of Hibernating Stages in Primarily Aquatic Invertebrates of Continental Waters

Koval'chuk N. E., Koval'chuk A. A. On the Finds in Carpathians of Some New for the Ukraine Crustacean Species

Gershenson Z. S. A New Species of the Moth Genus Argyresthia (Lepidoptera, Argyresthiidae) from the Far East