Year 1988, No. 6 (November - December)

Epstein V. M. Analysis and Synthesis at the Taxa Description Compilation, their Classification and Phylogenetic Reconstructions

Fauna and Systematics

Dekhtyar M. N. New Nematodes for the Dnieper Fauna. Communication 1

Chesunov A. V. New Finds of Deep-Sea Nematodes of the Family Benthimermithidae in South Atlantic with Description of a New Species

Dvoinos G. M., Kharchenko V. A. New for the USSR Fauna Species of Nematode (Strongyloidae) from the Horse

Ermolenko V. M., Fedoryak V. E. A Redescription of Nematus turgaiensis (Hymenoptera, Tenthridinidae) and Peculiarities of its Ecology in the Northern Kazakhstan

Shevchenko L. S., Borisovets . E. Intraspecific Structure of Carnivorous Mammais in European Part of the USSR (with Use of Multi-Dimensional Analysis). Communication 1. Wolf


Konstantinov A. S. Landscape-Zonal Peculiarities of the Chaetocnema Bees Distribution (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)


Akimov I. A., Piletskaya I. V., Yastrebtsov A. V. Morpho-Functional Age Changes in the Reproductive System of Female Varroa jacobsoni

Short Communications

Ovander E. N. A New Rotifer for the USSR Fauna (Rotifera, Brachionidae)

Goncharenko E. G., Fursov V. N. Parallelaptera panis (Hymenoptera, Mymaridae) a Parasite of the Pear Lace-Bug in Moldavia

Zamotailov A. S. On Sex Attractants and Sexual Behaviour in Scarabaeid Beetles (Coleoptera)

Chantladze . I. Rare and Little-Known Click-Beetles (Coleoptera, Elateridae) of the East Georgia

Butuzov S. V. Some Peculiarities in the Mutual Connections Between Internal Tendons and Musculus Rectus Lateralis, Exemplified by Three Tuny Fish Species

Kotenko . I. On Northern Range Limit of Eremias arguta in the Ukraine

Melik-Adamian G. U., Kurochkin E. N., Chkhikvadze V. M. New Data on the Nurnus Pliocene Fauna of Armenia, with Description of an Extinct Subspecies of the Caspian Turtle

Koretskaya I. A. A New Find of Monochopsis pontica (Pinnipedia, Phocidae) from Neogene Deposits of the Kerch Peninsula

Research Methods

Usova Z. V., Zinchenko A. P. The Use of Photographic Method for Simuliidae Morphometry

Gilevich S. A., Nechaeva . V. On the Use of Argentum Nitricum for ihe Study of Growth Layers in Teeth and Bones of the Phocidae

Kotlyarov O. N. A Method for Small Mammals Skeleton Cleaning