Year 1989, No. 4 (July - August)

Fauna and Systematics

Komarova . I. An Ecologo-Faunistic Review of the Mysidacea (Crustacea) of the Azov Sea

Kluge N. Yu., Tiunova . M. Palearctic Mayflies of the Group longimanus of the Iron Subgenus Epeorus (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae)

Teslenko V. A., Zhiltsova L. A. Larvae of Siberian and Far Eastern Stoneflies of the Family Perlidae (Plecoptera)

Gorokhov A. V. New Taxa of the Orthopteran Families Bintoniellidae, Xenopterigidae, Permelcanidae, Elcanidae and Vitimiidae (Orthoptera, Ensifera) from the Mesozoic Asia

Lukhtanov V. A. A Review of the Palearctic Satyrid Butterflies of the Oeneis noma Group (Lepidoptera, Satyridae)

Belokobylsky S. A. East-Palearctic Braconid Species of the Genera Dirrhope and Mirax (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Miracinae)

Tokar A. A. A Revision of the Genus Eryx (Serpentes, Boidae), Based Upon Osteological Data

Mezhzherin S. V., Zagorodnyuk I. V. A New Species of the Genus Apodemus (Rodentia, Muridae)


Roman'kova . G. New Data on Ctenoplectra davidi (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Ctenoplectridae) in the Primorye Area

Yaremchenko O. A. Nuthatch Nesting in the Zhitomir Polesye Area

Mezhzherin V. A., Chaikovsky G. E., Vinogradskaya L. G., Motorny S. I. Energy Reservation in Two Shrew Species


Gorgol V. T., Yastrebtsov A. V. Skeleto-Muscular System in Some Cheyletid Mites (Trombidiformes, Cheyletidae)

Short Communications

Gaponyuk I. L. An Occurrense of Telitoky in Predacous Mite Amblyseius aurescens (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae)

Shilenkov V. G., Rizun V. E. A New Species of Eyeless Carabid of the Genus Duvalius (Coleoptera, Caradidae) from Transcarpathia