Year 1989, No. 5 (September - October)

Fauna and Systematlcs

Zagorodnyuk I. V. Taxonomy, Distribution and Morphological Variation of the Terricola Voles in, East Europe

Nesin V. A., Skorik A. F. First Find of the Diriaromys Vole (Rodentia, Microtinae) in the USSR

Belik V. P., Kazakov B. A., Petrov V. S. Distribution and Interrelationship Characteristics of Two Nightingale Species in the Northern Caucasus

Dotsenko I. B. A-Revision of the Genus Eirenis (Reptilia, Colubridae). Communication 2, Structure of the Genus Eirenis

Zerova G. A, The First Find of a Fossil Sand Boa of the Genus Albaneryx (Serpentes, Boidae) in the USSR

Shcherbak N. N., Tertyshnikov M. F. On Systematic Position of Ophisaurus apodus from the USSR Territory

Golubev M. L. Phrynocephalus guttatus (Gmel.) or Ph. versicolor Str. (Reptilia, Agamidae): which Phrynocephalus Species Occurs in Kazakhstan?

Manilo L. G. Distribution and Morphological Characteristics of Epigonus telescopus and E. robustus (Perciformes, Epigonidae) in the Indian Ocean


Vekhov N. V. Occurrence and Habitat Distribution of the Diaptomidae Crayfish Family in Subarctic Europe Water Bodies

Baidashnikov A. A. Vertical Distribution of Terrestrial Mollusks in the Ukrainian Carpathians


Dolinskaya I. V. Chrysalid Morphology of Certain Far Eastern Notodontid Moth Species (Lepidoptera, Motodontidae)

Zhukova N. F. Morphological Peculiarities of the Bats Intestine in the Light of Phylogenetic Problems

Kovaleva A. A., Donets Z. S., Kolesnikova M. G. New Myxosporea Species (Cnidospora) from the Black Sea Fishes

Parukhin A M. Helminth Fauna of the West-Indian Ridge Fishes

Sharpilo V. P., Tkach V. V. Transmammary Mesocercariae Pathway of Alaria alata (Trematoda, Alariidae) by Lading Paratenic Host Females to the Progeny

Sergienko G. D. Oribatid Mites of the Genera Phthiracarus and Archiphthiracarus (Oribatei, Phthiracaridae) in the Ukraine. Communication 2