Year 1990, No. 1 (January - February)

Fauna and Systematics

Andreev A. V. Brachycaudus (Acaudus) pallidas sp. n. (Homoptera, Aphididae) and Determination of Related Species

Emelyanov A. F. New Genus and a New Tribe of the Family Achilidae (Homoptera, Cicadina) from the Baltic Amber

Kazantsev S. V. Two New Subgenera and a New Species of the Genus Dictyoptera (Coleoptera, Lycidae) from West Asia

Putshkov A. V., SHAPRAN Yu. P. Histeridae Beetles (Coleoptera) from Agrocoenoses of the Forest-Steppe and Steppe Ukraine

Korneyev V. A. A New Species of the Tephritid Fly Genus Chetostoma (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Armenia

Shcherbak N. N., Akhmetov S. I. Systematics and Geographic Variability of Eumeces schneideri (Sauria, Scincidae)

Topachevsky V. A., PASHKOV A. V. New Representatives of the Genus Desmana (Insectivora, Talpidae) from Eoplestocene Deposits of the South European USSR


Akimov I. F., Barabanova V. V. Seasonal Digestion Activity Changes in Varroa jacobsoni Females

Borisev S. N. Daily Activity Rhythmics in Crocothemis servilia (Odonata, Libellulidae) in Arid Zone of Tadjikistan

Nadvornaya L. S. Biology of Pedinus cimmerius and P. tauricus (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

Gaiduk V. E. Peculiarities of Reproductive Biorhythms in Common Squirrel

Tyurnin B. N. Otter Feeding in Komi ASSR

Short Communication

Sergeev M. G., Bugrov A. G. A New Species of the Genus Eremippus (Orthopterra, Acrididae) from Daghestan

Seksyaeva S. V. Notes on the Cemiostominae Moths (Lepidoptera, Lyonetiidae) from Southern Primorye Area, with Description of Two New Species

Utkin N. F. A Contribution to Biology of Polypogon tentacularia (Lepidoptera, Herminiinae) in West Siberia

Nikolaev G. V. New Species of the Genus Elaphastomus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) from Australia

Odnosum V. K. Peculiarities of Wing Venation in Mordellid Beetles of Subfamily Mordellinae (Coleoptera, Mordellidae)

Kolodochka L. A. New Data on Spermatheca Structure in Phytoseiid Mite Females (Parasitiformes)

Berezovikiv R. R., Shcherbakov . V. Rook Distribution in East Kazakhstan

Research Methods

Pleshak . V. Comparative Evaluation of Absolute and Relative Population Count Method for Small Rodents