Year 1990, No. 4 (July - August)

Fauna and Systematics

Baidashnikov A. A. On Specific Divergence in Mullusks of the Genus Mentissa (Gastropoda, Clausilildae)

Efetov K. A. A New Species of the Genus Adscita (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae) from the Middle Asia

Puchkov A. V. Larvae of the Cicindellid Beetle Subgenera Lophyridia, Eugrapha, Gylindera (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the South Western European Part of the USSR

Mamaev . M., Berest Z. L. New Species of Cecidomyiidae Flies (Diptera) from Carpathian and'Transcarpathian Area. Communication 1. Genus Aprionus

Verves Yu. G. A System of the Subfamily Paramacronychiinae (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Zabludovskaya S. A. Mites of the Genus Yunkeracarus (Acariformes, Gastronyssidae) Parasites of the Nasal Cavity of Rodents

Dorogoy I. V. Ornitological Finds in the West Chukotka

Emelyanov I. G., Zhezherin I. V. Diagnostics of the Lesser and Bicolored White-Toothed Shrews (Soricidae)

Shevchenko L. S., Borisovets . E. Intraspecific Structure of the Carnivorous Mammals of the USSR European Part (With the Use of Multidimensional Analysis). Communication 2. The Red Fox


Peskov V. N. Comparative Study of the Morphofunctional Constitution of the Skull in Mammalin systematics

Short Communications

Vinogradov A. V., Rytova . Yu. On Bryozoan Statoblasts in the Mid-Volga Basin Plankton

Gayevskaya A. V. Lepidopedon elongatum (Trematoda, Leporeadiiade) an Erroneously Identified Parasite of the Black Sea Scomber

Anistratenko V. V. Mollusks of the Family Truncatellidae (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia) of the Black and Azov Seas

Zakharenko A. V. Rare and Endangeres Neuropterans (Insecta) of the USSR Fauna

Mandrytza S. A. A New Species of the Genus Inimicus (Pisces, Synenceiidae) from the South-West Pacific

Vashetko E. V., Sartayeva Kh. M. Ecology of the Green Toad in Fergana Valley

Golovushkin I. M., Sipova M. A. A Contribution to the Bird fauna of the Dahurian Steppe

Zhila S. N. Black Stork Distribution in the Ukraine

Grishchenko V. N., Gaber N. A. An Analysis of the White Stork Mortality Causes in the Ukraine

Research Methods

Smogorzhevsky L. A., Smogorzhevskaya L. I. How to Protect the Hollow Nesting Birds from Destroying by Dormices

Bezrodny S. I. On Methods of Dormices Capture

Sneshkus E. T. Labelling and Individial Markers for European Pond Turtle