Year 1991, No. 1 (January - February)

Fauna and Sytematlcs

Starobogatov Ya. I. Specific Composition of the Genus Amphimelania (Gastropoda, Cerithiiformes)

Vekhov N. V. Anostraca Crustaceans of the Chernomorsky Nature Reserve Water Bodies Communication 2. Tanymastix stagnalis

Barylo A. B. New Species of the Soil Laelapid Mites (Parasitiformes, Laelapidae) from Middle Asia

Yavornitsky V. I., Melamud V. V. Oribatei Mites (Acariformes) of the Hornbeam Forests of Dniester Artea

Narolsky N. B., Shcherbal I. S. New Data on Gasteruptiidae (Hymenopte ra) Cleptoparasites of the Leaf-Cutter Bae, Magachile rotundata

Fedotova Z. A. New Artemisia Dwelling Species of the Genus Lasioptera (Dipetra, Cacidomyiidae) from Kazakhstan

Budashkin Yu. I. Pterolonchidae a New for the USSR Fauna Family of Lepidoptera

Kozlov M. V., Esartia G. K. A New Subspecies of Archips podana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) from the Caucasus

Zagorodnyuk I. V. Karyotypic Variation of 46-chromosome Forms of the Vole Group Microtus arvalis (Rodentia): A Taxonomic Evaluation


Shuvalikov V. B., Bondar N. V. Inversion Polymorphism in Anopheles messae Populations of the Lower Dnieper Area. Communication 1

Kovshar A. F., Gubin . M. Occurrence, Distribution and Nest Building Activity of the Desert Warbler in Kazakhstan


Shadrin N. V., Popova E. V. Phenotypic Diversity in Acartia clausi (Copepoda) Population of the Sevastopol Bay

Gorb S. N. Sensilles in Dragonflies Arrester System

Skrypchenko E. V., Mazhuga P. M. Bone Marrow Strome in Reptilia

Short Communications

Lisitsyna . I. An Experimental Study of the Cystacanth Sphaerirostris teres (Acanthocephala, Centrorhynchidae) Migration Speed in a Parathenic Host

Yevtushenko . V. Faunistic Spider Complexes (Aranei) of Some Habitats of the Chernigov Polesye Area

Kharitonov A. Yu., Borisov S. N. The Larva of Sympetrum decoloratum (Odonata, Libellulidae)

Rasnitsyn A. P. New Hymenopterans of the Genus Baissa (Gasteruptiidae s. I.) from Early Cretaceous Buryatia and Mongolia

Research Methods

Lukyanov O. A. Small Rodents Abundance Estimation by the Method of Removal Capture