Volume 32, No. 3 (May-June, 1998)

Fauna and Systematics

Korniushin A. V. Notes on the Anatomy of some Species of Sphaerium s. (Mollusca, Bivalvia) from the Tropical Regions with Revision of their taxonomic status

Klimov P. B. To the Knowledge of Acarid Mites of the of the Genus Schwiebea (Acariformes, Acaridae) from the Far East, with Notes on systematic of the Genus

Manylo V. V. Peculiarities of the Karyotypes in the Family Gekkonidae (Sauria, Reptilia). Communication 3. Tenuidactylus


Mazhuga P. M. The Nutrition and Structural Renewal Sources of the Synovial Joint Cartilage Cover in Representatives of Terrestrial Vertebrates

Akulenko N. M. Topography and Structure of the Pigment Cell Aggregation in the Liver of the Frog (Rana ridibunda)

Loboda E. I. Morphological and Cytochemical Peculiarities of the White Blood Cells in Representatives of Some Species of the Poikilotherm Vertebrates

Chernyshova A. O., Kirichuk G. E. Association of Pores and Caecal Cells of the Mantle in Molluscs of the Superfamily Pisidioidea (Bivalvia)

Biryukov V. G. Factors Responsible for the Uterus Type Evolution in Mammals


Kramarenko S. S. Geographical Variation in the Frequency of Individuals having the Apertural Barrier in Species of the Genus Brephulopsis (Gastropoda, Buliminidae).

Naglov V. A., Tkach G. E. Small Mammals (Mammalia: Insectivora, Rodentia) Inhabitans of Staks

Short Communications

Ovcharenko M., Zolotarjowa G., Wita I. Microsporidium anoeti sp. n. (Microspora), a New Microsporidian Parasite of Anoetus feroniarum (Acariformes, Anoetidae)

Tkach V. V. Neomylepis gen. n. a New Genus of Hymenolepidid Tapeworms (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea), Parasites of Water Shrews

Gershenson Z. S. Yponomeuta bipunclellus (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae), a Moth Species Newly Recorded from Far East Russia

Chernichko R. N. About Demography of Sand Martin Riparia riparia (Passeriformes, Hirundinidae) in the South of Ukraune

Information and Cronies

Francevich L. Pheromones: reference books


Sviridov A. V. The First Record of Amphipoea crinanensis (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in East Europe

Rudenko O. N. Interesting Findings of Insects in the Islands of Dnieprodzierzynsk Water Reserve and Adjacent Territory

Moroz O. Yo. New Data on the Rare and Disappearing Species of Hymenoptera in the Zaporozhye Region

Ermolenko V. M. Rare and Disappearing Species of Sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) Danube Delta Reserve

Sviridov S. V. First Record of Sympiesis ringoniella (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), a Parasite of Leaf-mining Moths in Europe

Abstracts of published pepers