Volume 33, No.3 (May-June, 1999)

Epstein V. M. The Theory of Biological Evolution as a Prototype of the General Theory of Evolving Systems. Communication I. The Significance of the Theory of Biological Evolution in Development of the Scientific Picture of the World

Fauna and Systematics

Anistratenko O. Yu., Starobogatov Ya. I., Anistratenko V. V. Mollusks of the Genus Theodoxus (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Neritidae) from the Black and the Azov Seas Basin

Kononova S. V., Petrov S. New Species of the Genus Trimorus (Scelionidae, Teleasinae) from Bulgaria

Radchenko A. G., Elmes G. W. Ten New Species of Myrmica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from the Himalaya

Voichyshyn V. K. The New Forms of Pteraspids (Agnatha, Heterostraci) from Podolian Early Devonian


Vasilevskaya H. I., Veselovsky M. V. The Anatomical-functional Survey of the Brachial Plexus of Caspian Seal (Pusa caspica)


Nikol'skii A. A., Savchenko G. A. Structure of Family Groups and Space Use by Steppe Marmots (Marmota bobac): Preliminary Results

Shupova . V. Comparative Biology of the Orders Coraciiformes and Upupiformes under Conditions of the Ukrainian Steppe Zone


Olyfyr V. N., Petrychenko T. D., Moskalenko P. G. Peculiarities of an Organization of Colonies in Three Bumble-bee Colony (Hymenoptera, Apidae)

Short Communications

Vargovich R. S. New Species of Collembola of the Genus Arrhopalites (Entognatha, Hexapoda) from a Cave in Eastern Carpathians

Legalov A. A. A New Species of the Genus Stephanocleonus (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from Tien-Shan

Dolin W. G., Owtschinnikow S. W. A New Species of Dorcadion (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from Kyrgyzstan

Bashta A.-T. V. Ornithofauna of Several Mountain Settlements in Skolivski Beskydy (Ukrainian Carpathians)


Panteleev P. A. On the Role of the Primary Axiome in Zoological Investigations

Information and Chronicle

Manilo V. V. 80th Anniversary of the Zoological Museum of the National Scientific Natural History Museum of the NAS of the Ukraine

Man of Science

A. P. Markevich: In Memoriam


Dykyj I. Find of the Pond Bat (Myotis dasycneme) on the Territory of Western Ukraine

Kapelyukh Ya. I. Rare Insects of "Medobory" Natural Reserve

Perkovsky E. E. On Species of the Genus Cholevinus Reitt. (Coleoptera, Leiodidae) from the North of Eastern Siberia and Chukotka

Kedrov B. YU., Sheshurak P. N. First Record of Pipistrellus kuhlii (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) in the Chernigiv Region (Ukraine)

Kondratenko . V. First Finding of Pipistrellus kuhli in the Lugansk Oblast (Eastern Ukraine)

Sheshurak P. N. On Finding of Thymelicus aclaeon (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae) from the Republic Belarus

Sheshurak P. N. New Records of Scolia hirta (Hymenoptera, Scoliidae) in Ukraine and in Republic Belarus

Tyshchenko V. Records of Myotis nattereri and M. bechsteinii (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in the south of the Ternopil region

Kuzmenko YU. V., Kuzmenko L. P. Remarkable Case of the Black Stork Breeding in the Chernihiv Region

Zagorodniuk I. Erroneous Records of Myotis mystacinus from Ukraine