Volume 34, No. 6 (November-December, 2000)

Fauna and Systematics

KORNYUSHIN V. V., GREBEN O. B. Records of Hymenolepididae (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea) from Charadriiform Birds in the Fauna of Ukraine ... 3-9

SCHER O., DEFAYE D., KOROVCHINSKY N. M., THIERY A. The Crustacean Fauna (Branchiopoda, Copepoda) of Shallow Freshwater Bodies in Iceland ... 11-25

KONONOVA S. V., PETROV S. A Review of the Genera Triteleia, Paridris and Calotelea (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae, Scelioninae) of Palaearctic Region ... 27-35

ODNOSUM V. K. Mordellid Beetles of the Genus Stenalia (Coleoptera, Mordellidae) of Central and Eastern Palaearctics. Communication 1. ... 37-50

GASCHAK S. P., BUNTOVA E. G., RUDENSKA G. A., CHIZHEVSKY I. V. Species Structure Peculiarities of Insectivores and Rodents of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone ... 51-56


PROTASOV A. A. The Variability of Characteristics of Dreissena polymorpha Shell Pattern, Sculpture and Form in Europe and North-American Parts of Recent Areal ... 57-64

PESKOV V. N., EMELYANOV I. G. Phenetical Analysis of Water Vole (Arvicola terrestris) Population Structure in Central and Eastern Palaearctics ... 65-70

SPASSKAJA N. N., ORLOV V. N., JASINETSKAYA N. I., ZHARKIKH T. L. Some Specialties of Craniology of Przewalski Horses (Equus przewalskii) ... 71-79


SNEGOVAYA N. Yu. Specific Composition and Ecological Peculiarities of Testate Amoebae (Rhizopoda, Testacea) in Freshwaters of Apsheron Peninsula ... 81-87

Short Communications

KORNIYCHUK J. M., GAEVSKAYA A. V. Cainocreadium flesi sp. n. (Trematoda, Opecoelidae) - New Trematode from the Black Sea Fishes ... 89-91

KOROL E. N. Brachylecithum sp., New Cercaria (Trematoda, Dicrocoeliidae) from Terrestrial Snails of the Crimea. ... 93-97

BAIDASHNIKOV A. A. Land Molluscs (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) of the Pereladino Reservate (Podolian Hills) ... 99-100

ZEROVA M. D., SERYOGINA L. Ya., ZAVADA A. G. On Systematic Position of Diomorus kononovae (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) ... 101-104

BELOUSOV I. A., KABAK I. I. A New Species of the Genus Leistus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from China ... 105-108

ORLOV A. M. Captures of Mature Atka Mackerel Pleurogrammus monopterygiu (Hexagrammidae) in the Western Bering Sea ... 109-111

MANILO V. V. Description of Karyotypes of Some Species and Subspecies of the Genus Phrynocephalus (Sauria, Agamidae) from Central Asia ... 113-118

Information and Chronicle

ZAGORODNIUK I., GODLEWSKY L. Theriological School-2000: "Workshop on Identification of Bats and Localization of Roosts Using Bat Detectors" ... 119-120


ZEROVA M. D., SERYOGINA L. Ya. The First Record of Idiomacromerus eltonicus (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) in Ukraine ... 10

MARTYNOV V. V., SERGEEV M. E. A new Genus and Species of Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) from South-Eastern Ukraine ... 10

KONDRATENKO A., MELNICHENKO . New Data on the Distribution of Some Rare Mammalian Species in Donetzk-Azov Steppe (Eastern Ukraine) ... 26

DOVGAL I. V., GRIGOROVICH I. A. The New Records of Suctorians (Ciliophora, Suctoria) on Malacostacans ... 36

ROZHENKO N. V. New Records of the European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris) in the River of Dnestr ... 80

TKACHUK Yu. B. New Records of the European Wild Cat in the Bucovina ... 80

POTAPOV O. V. New Records of the European Wild Cat in the Donube Delta ... 88

KHALIMAN I. A. The First Record of Cytharella costata (Gastropoda, Raphitomidae) from the Sea of Azov ... 92

VLASHCHENKO A. New Finding of the Leisler's Bat Nyctalus leisleri in the Kharkiv Region (Ukraine) ... 92

SOKOLOV S. G. New Species of Fish Parasites in the Fauna of Volga Basin ... 98

ZINCHENKO V. K. The Species of Genus Phyllopertha Stephens (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) New for Russia ... 98

BOSHKO E. G., DOVGAL I. V. The First Record of Pilisuctorid Ciliates (Ciliophora, Pilisuctorida) in Black Sea ... 112