Volume 35, No. 6 (November-December, 2001)

SHARPILO V. P. Paratenic Parasitism in Nematomorphs (Cephalorhyncha, Nematomorpha) ... 3-12

Fauna and Systematics

VASILEVA G. P., KORNYUSHIN V. V., GENOV T. Hymenolepidid Cestodes from Grebes (Aves, Podicipedidae) in Ukraine: the Genus Confluaria ... 13-31

STANKEWYCH O. I. Species Composition and Bird Communities of Uzhhorod in Winter ... 33-38

REKOVETS L. I. Medzhybozh, the Mammal Fauna Locality and Multilayer Palaeolithic Site in Ukraine ... 39-44


UTEVSKAYA O. M., ATRAMENTOVA L. A. Optimal Values of Reproductive Characte-ristics of the Medicinal Leech (Hirudo medicinalis) under Conditions of Breedeng. Communication 2. Number of Hatchlings per a Cocoon. Weight of Hatchlings ... 45-51


DZEVERIN I. I. Skull Size Correlation with Under-development of Upper Second Premolars in Mouse-eared Bats, Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) ... 53-62

Short Communications

KILOCZYCKI P. Ya. Ecological Aspect of Coevolution of Microsporidia and Bloodsucking Mosquitoes ... 63-66

VAKARENKO . G., LISITSINA . I. Cystacanth of Acanthocephalus falcatus (Acanthocephala, Echinorhynchidae) from the New Intermediate Host Woodlouse Ligidium hypnorum (Isopoda, Ligiidae) ... 67-69

BEREST Z. L. New Species and Genus of the Tribe Strobliellini (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae) from Ukrainian Carpathians Area ... 71-74

PERKOVSKY E. E. The First Eocene Representative of Cholevini - Catops nathani sp. n. (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae) from the Baltic Amber ... 75-79

SIMUTNIK S. A. A Find of Encyrtid Wasp (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Encyrtidae) in Late Eocene Rovno Amber (Ukraine) ... 81-84

GRADOVSKY V. M. Peculiarities of Distribution of some Fresh-Water Mollusks (Pectinibranchia) in the Fauna of Ukraine ... 85-89

MEZHZHZERIN S. V. Species Identity of the Grey Hamster Cricetulus migratorius isabellinus from Kopetdag: Allozyme Variation Analysis ... 91-94

KONDRATENKO A. V., TOVPINETS N. N. Mammals in the Diet of Owls from the Donetsk-Don and Donetsk-Azov Steppes ... 95-98

Man of Science

MEZHZHZERIN S. V. N. N. Vorontsov: In Memoriam ... 99-100


KOTENKO T. I. New Data on Distribution of Two Vulnerable Snake Species (Reptilia, Colubridae) in the Northern Crimea ... 32

ZAGORODNIUK I. V., TYSCHENKO-TYSHKOVETS M. L. Pipistrellus pygmaeus (55 kHz) in the Kyiv Region (Ukraine) ... 52

GODLEVSKA L. V., PETRUSHENKO Ya. V., KONDRATENKO O. V. New Records of Natterer's Bat (Myotis nattereri) from Eastern and Southern Ukraine ... 52

DAVYDENKO I. V. Breeding of the Black-winged Stilt in Zhitomir Region ... 70

DYAKOV V. A. National Natural Park "Svyati Gory" as a Refuge for Rare Birds Species on the North of the Donbass ... 80

NAZARENKO V. Yu. Host Plants of the Weevil Tropiphorus micans (Coleoptera, Curcu-lionidae) ... 90

PETRENKO A. A., NAZARENKO V. Yu. First Record of Hypera subfasciculata (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Kazakhstan ... 90

GAEVSKAYA A. V. Prosorhynchoides meridionalis comb. n. is a Correct Name for Bucephaloides meridionalis ... 90