Volume 37, No. 1 (January-February, 2003)

AKIMOV I. A., ZEROVA M. D., GERSHENSON Z. S., NAROLSKY N. B., KOCHANEZ O. M., SVIRIDOV S. V. First Record of the Horse-chestnut Leafminer Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) on Aesculus hippocastanum (Hippocastanaceae) in Ukraine ... 3–12

Fauna and Systematics

MARTYNOV V. V. Description of the Larvae of Three Species of the Genus Aphodius (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). Communication 3 ... 13–23

MANILO L. G. Quantitative Composition of Diversity of the Coastal Ichthyofauna of Arabian Sea ... 25–32

SURYADNA N. N. The Data on Caryology of Green Frogs (Rana ridibunda, R. lessonae, R. esculenta) from Ukraine ... 33–40


PAKHOMOV Î. E. Soil Mesofauna Formation Effected by Mammalia Soil Burrowers in the Ravine Oak Forests of the Samara River Area ... 41–48

WINTER S. V., GORLOV P. I. Reproduction of the Common Crane, Grus grus, in the East of Ukraine Depending on Weather Conditions ... 49–59


BAIDASHNIKOV A. A. The Morphological Dependence Between the Closing Apparatus and the Shell Shape of Clausiliidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) ... 61–78

PLJUSHCH I. G., DOLINSKAYA I. V. Morphological Characters of the Pupae of Some Tiger Moths (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae) of Far East Russia ... 79–84

Short Communications

SPIRIDONOV S. E. A Chordodid Worm (Nematomorpha, Gordiacea) from Orenburg Region of Russia ... 85–88

RUTJAN E. V. Reisseronia tschetverikovi — Little-known Species of Bagworm Moth (Lepidoptera, Psychidae) Fauna of Ukraine ... 89–94

YUNAKOV N. N., NAZARENKO V. Yu. New and Little-known Curculionoidea Species (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea) from Ukrainian Fauna ... 95–99

ZINENKO O. I. First Generation Hybrids Between the Nikolsky’s Adder, Vipera nikolskii, and the Common Adder, Vipera berus (Reptilia, Serpentes, Viperidae) ... 101–104


PROKOPENKO S. P., DOMASHEVSKY S. V. Hobby`s Nesting in the Foothills of Crimea ... 24

KONDRATENKO A. V., MOROZ V. A. Records of Raddyfield Warbler, Acrocephalus agricola, in the Provallya Steppe Reserve (Eastern Ukraine) ... 24

LANTSOV V. I. New Records of Limoniidae (Diptera) of the subfamilies Chioneinae and Limnophilinae from Russia, Caucasus and North Caucasus ... 60

KLYUCHKO Z. F. New Records of Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) and New Data about Noctuidae from Ukraine ... 100