Volume 37, No. 3 (May-June, 2003)

Fauna and Systematics

KORNEYEV V. A. New and Little-Known Tephritidae (Diptera, Cyclorrhapha) from Europe ... 312


PANOV G. M. The Change of the Biological Periods and Phases in the Annual Life Cycle of the Beavers (Castor fiber) in the Krasnoyarsk Region ... 1321


SOKOLOV S. G. Morphology of the Family Skrjabillanidae (Spirurida, Camallanina) ... 2329

LASHKOVA E. I. Morphometric Variation in Wood Mice, Sylvaemus (Muridae), from Ukraine Fauna ... 3141

Short Communications

GAEVSKAYA A. V. Ancylocoelium typicum (Trematoda, Monorchiidae), a Parasite of the Horse-Mackerel of the Genus Trachurus ... 4348

GREBEN O. B. Seasonal and Age Dynamics of Cestode Fauna of the Starling in Eastern Ukrainian Polissya ... 4956

IVANOVA E. S., SPIRIDONOV S. E. First Report of Steinernema bicornutum (Nematoda, Rhabditida, Steinernematidae) from the North Caucasus ... 5763

UTEVSKY S. Yu. On the Systematic Position of the Marine Fish Leech Heptacyclus albus (Hirudinea, Piscicolidae) ... 6570

BOLTACHEVA N. A., MAZLUMYAN S. A. The Growth and Longevity of Chamelea gallina (Mollusca, Veneridae) in the Black Sea ... 7174

SHARPILO V. P. Paratenic Parasitism in Pentastomids (Pentastomida, Artropoda) ... 7578

KOVALISHINA S. P. peculiarieties of natural and synantropical acari of Wright Side and Central Forest-steppe of Ukraine ... 7983

DOLIN V. G., GIRARD C. Some New Curious Click-Beetle Species (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from Madagascar ... 8588

VIIDALEPP J. R. Two New Species of the Genus Biston (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae) from Central Asia ... 8992

GERSHENSON Z. S. Two New Species of Yponomeutoid Moths (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae, Plutellidae) from Madagascar ... 9395

New Books

Fesenko H. V., Bokotej A. A. Birds of Fauna of Ukraine (the Field Guide) ... 97

Information and Chronicle

V. Anistratenko. The XLIX Session of the Paleontological Society of Russia ... 99100


Kolesnikov M. A. The Badger in the Anthropogenic Landscape of the Lugansk City (Eastern Ukraine) ... 22

Zagorodniuk I. V. Aesculapian Snake (Elaphe longissima) on the Northern Macroslope of the Ukrainian Carpathians ... 22

Novitsky R. A. About find of Eriocheir sinensis, Decapoda from reservoirs of Dnieper ... 30

Pronkina N. V. The First Record of the Nematode Dicheline (Cucullanellus) minutus from the haarder, Mugil soiuy (Pisces, Mugilidae) from the Black Sea ... 30

GRINTSOV V. A. On the First Find of Orchestia platensis (Amphipoda, Talitridae), a Species New for Ukrainian Fauna, in Crimean Shore ... 42

BELOFASTOVA I. P. Acanthosentis (Acanthogyrus) lizae (Acanthocephala, Acanthosentidae) the New Parasite of the Black Sea Golden Grey Mullet (Liza aurata) ... 42

Gaschak S. P. Interesting Zoological Records from North of Kyiv and Chernigyv Regions ...64

Trach V. A., Sheshurak P. N. New Data on Distribution of Leaf Beetles of the genus Chrysolina (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) on Territory of Ukraine ... 84

Rusina L. Yu. The impact of Birds and a Grasshopper Decticus verrucivorus (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) on Polistes dominulus (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) and P. gallicus Paper-Wasp Populations in the Black Sea Reserve ... 96

Sviridenko E. Yu., Kukushkin O. V. About Maximal Dimensions of the Glass-lizard, Pseudopus apodus, in the Crimea ... 98