Volume 39, No. 6 (November-December, 2005)

Fauna and Systematics

ANISTRATENKO V. V. Lectotypes for Tricolia pullus, Gibbula divaricata and Theodoxus fluviatilis (Mollusca, Gastropoda) Revisited ... 3–10

MEZHZHERIN S. V., GARBAR D. ΐ., GARBAR A. V. Systematic Structure of the Planorbarius corneus s. l. Complex (Gastropoda, Pulmonata): Analysis of Allozyme Markers and Morphometric Traits ... 11–17


KUZMIN Yu., VARODI E., VASYLYK N., KONONKO G. Experimental Infection of Mosquitoes with Dirofilaria repens (Nematoda, Filarioidea) Larvae ... 19–24

MIKHALEV Yu. A. The Peculiarities of the Distribution of the Harbour Porpoise, Phocoena phocoena relicta (Cetacea), in the Black Sea ... 25–35


KUKUSHKIN O. V., SHARYGIN S. A. New Data on Morphology of the Mediterranean (Kotschyi's) Gecko, Mediodactylus kotschyi danilewskii (Reptilia, Gekkonidae) in Crimea ... 37–49

KOVTUN M. F., KHARCHENKO L. P. Lymphatic Formation of the Alimentary Tube of Birds: its Characteristics and Biological Importance ... 51–60

Short Communications

KRAKHMALNYY A. F. Prorocentrum dentatum — New for the Black Sea Species of Dinoflagellata ... 61–64

SHMELEVA A. A. Discribtion of the Female and Rediscription of the Male Centropages spinosus (Copepoda, Centropagidae) ... 65–69

KOZHEVNIKOVA V. A. Trophical Connections of Diamond-Back Moths (Lepidoptera, Plutellidae) of Ukraine ... 71–75

NEGROBOV O. P., MASLOVA O. O. New Species of a Genus Diaphorus (Dolichopodidae, Diptera) from Northern Caucasuses ... 77–78

BOGDANOVICH I. A. Possible Mechanisms of Locomotor Modules Formation in Birds Evolution ... 79–82

Men of Science

KRAKHMALNAYA T. V., MIKHALEVICH O. A., SEMENOV Yu. A. Ivan Grigor’evich Pidoplichko (To the Centenary of Pidoplichko Birth) ... 83–86 [PDF, in Russian]

Information and Chronicle

KORNYUSHIN V. V. Scientific and Practical Conference of the Ukrainian Scientific Society of Parazitologists Dedicated to Centenary of Academician of NAS of Ukraine A. P. Markevich ... 87–88

DYATLOVA E. First Conference on Faunistics and Zoogeography of European Trichoptera ... 88


NEKRASOVA O. D. New Data about Distribution of Coronella austriaca (Reptilia, Colubridae) in Kyiv Area ... 18

DOVGAL I. V. Andrusoviella gen. n. (Ciliophora, Suctorea) — a New Substituting Name instead Andrusovia: the Debugging of Possible Homonymy ... 36

BODNAR V. V. Raccoon Dog, Nyctereutes procyonoides (Mammalia, Canidae), in the Transcarpathians, Ukraine ... 36

NAROLSKY N. B., TOLKANITZ V. I., PERKOVSKY E. E. First Record of Fossil Paxylommatid Wasp from Bitterfeld Amber ... 50

YAKOVENKO N. S. On the Nomenclature of Some Taxa in the Family Philodinidae (Rotifera, Bdelloidea) ... 70

YAKOVENKO N. S. Adineta vaga major syn. n. — a New Synonym of A. vaga vaga (Rotifera, Bdelloidea) ... 70

KLYUCHKO Z. F., PLJUSHTCH I. G. The First Find of Noctuid Sideridis kitti (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) from Volyn, Ukraine ... 76

KIZUB I. V., NAZARENKO V. Yu. The First Find of Doydirhynchus austriacus (Coleoptera, Nemonychidae) in Ukraine ... 76