Volume 40, No. 3 (May-June, 2006)

KRYZHANIVSKIJ V. I. The Chernobyl Catastrophe from Zoologist’s Point of View ... 195–204

Fauna and Systematics

KOVBLYUK M. M. Zelotes kukushkini sp. n. (Aranei, Gnaphosidae) and Close Related Species from Palaearctic ... 205–217

VERVES Yu. G., KHROKALO L. A. Review of Macronychiinae (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) of the World ... 219–239

TSVELYKH A. N. Elements of the Avifauna of the Crimea Mountain in Artificial Isolated Wood Areas of Kerch Peninsula ... 241–248


STEKLENEV E. P. Ñharacteristic of Reproduction Ability of Mouflon, Ovis musimon (Bovidae), which is Acclimatized under the Semi-Free Conditions of the Southern Ukraine ... 249–255

Short Communications

ÊILOCHITSKIY P. Ya. The Temperature Adaptation of Microsporidia ... 257–261

MALEGA A. M. Mosesia riparia sp. n. (Trematoda, Pleurogenidae), the Parasite of Intestine of the Sand Martin in Ukraine ... 263–266

BESPROZVANNYKH V. V. Life Cycle of the Trematodes Catatropis hisikui (Notocotylidae) in Primorskiy Kray (Russia) ... 267–270

DIDYK Yu. M. Wild Ungulates as the Reserve of Trichinellosis in Polesie and Western Part of Ukraine ... 271–274

DYATLOVA E. S. Orthetrum coerulescens anceps (Odonata, Libellulidae) in Odessa and its Vicinities (Ukraine) ... 275–278

TOLKANITZ V. I. Two New Palaearctic Species of the Subfamily Metopiinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) ... 279–281

SIMUTNIK S. A., PERKOVSKY E. E. A Description of the Encyrtid Male (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Encyrtidae) with Archaic Structure of Metasoma from Rovno Amber ... 283–286


ZEROVA M. D. Two Rare Palaearctic Species of Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera) from the Crimea ... 218

IVANOV S. P., FILATOV M. A. The Modes of the Masterly Behavior of the Crimean Wild Bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) on the Flowers of the Plants ... 240

DUGINA E. N. New Find of Anthidium seðtemspinosum (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae) in Ukraine ... 240

EVSTIGNEEV D. A., KORNEYEV V. A. The First Records of Terellia orheana and T. vectensis (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Russia ... 256

KORNEYEV V. A. Identity and Taxonomic Position of “Parepicerella” soalia (Diptera, Tephritidae) Previously Attributed to Pyrgotidae ... 256

MALTSEVA A. G., SERGEEV M. E. New Data on Distribution of Oulema duftschmidi (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Criocerinae) on Territory of Ukraine ... 262

KLYUCHKO Z. F., HERIAK Yu. M. New Data about Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) Content and Their Distribution in Ukraine ... 282

KUTSOKON Yu. K., NEGODA V. V. Chinese Sleeper, Perccottus glenii (Odontobutidae, Perciformes) — a New Species for River Ros’ Basin ... 282