Volume 42, No. 2 (March-April, 2008)

Fauna and Systematics

Kuzmina T. A., Kuzmin Yu. I. The Community of Strongylids (Nematoda, Strongylida) of Working Donkeys (Equus asinus) in Ukraine ... 99–104 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Khomenko V. N., Radchenko A. G., Makarevich O. N. Ant Fauna (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the Steppe Natural Reserves of Ukraine: Zoogeographic Aspects ... 105–113 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Korneyev S. V. Description of Third Instar Larvae of Terellia colon and T. virens (Diptera, Tephritidae) ... 115–122 [abstract] [full text in PDF]


Samchyshyna L. V. Ecological Characteristic of Calanoids (Copepoda, Nalanoida) of the Inland Waters of Ukraine... 123–128 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Kozinenko I. I., Zhalai E. I., Zavodnikova N. S. Regularities of Xenotransplantation in the Hybrid Complex of Water Frogs Rana esculenta (Amphibia, Ranidae) ... 129–134 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Kuzminova N. S. Species, Seasonal, Sexual Differences of the Spleen Index in some Black Sea Fish Species and its Dependence on Anthropogenic Impact ... 135–142 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Shkvyrya M. G., Kolesnikov M. O. Special Features of Wolf Distribution and Behaviour in Ukraine ... 143–152 [abstract] [full text in PDF]


Myl’nikov A. P., Myl’nikov A. A. The Morphology of Carnivorous Alveolate Flagellate Colpodella unguis (Colpodellida, Protista) ... 153–158 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Chernysheva A. O., Kanana Yu. P. Morphogenesis of Skin-Muscular Sac of Planarians Dugesia lugubris (Dugesiidae) and Dendrocoelum lacteum (Dendrocoelidae) ... 159–165 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Short Communications

Dovgal I. V., Lozowskiy V. L. Limnoricus ponticus sp. n.: a New Suctorian Species (Ciliophora, Suctorea) from the Harpacticoid Copepode of Genus Tisbe ... 167–170 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Gaponova L. P. The centrohelid heliozoans (Protista, Centrohelida) of algal mats from the water body in Ukrainian Polissya ... 171–174 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Zhytova O. P., Korol E. N. Isolation of Redia and Cercaria Psilotrema sp. (Trematoda, Psilotrematidae) in Zhytomyr Region ... 175–179 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Trach V. A., Makarova O. L. A New Gamasid Mite Species of the Genus Antennoseius (Parasitiformes, Ascidae) from the Southwest of Ukraine ... 181–184 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Sharapova T. A. Distributional and Ecological Peculiarities of Invading Mollusks in the Cooler Reservoir at the Tyumen Heat and Power Plant in Western Siberia ... 185–187 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

New Books

Massjuk N. P. New Advance in the Establishment and Development of the Ukrainian Scientific Terminology and Nomenclature ... 189–190


Klyuchko Z. F., Matov A. Yu. Rare and Little-Known Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) from Ukraine ... 114

Movchan Yu. V. First Finds of Ponto-Caspian Ninespined Stickleback (Pisces, Gasterosteidae) in Reservoirs of the Crimea ... 166

Godlevskaya E. V. New Record of Leisler’s Bat (Chiroptera) in the Crimea ... 166

Perkovsky E. E. First Finding of Syninclusion of Ants Lasius schiefferdeckeri (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) and Aphids Germaraphis (Homoptera, Aphidinea) in Baltic Amber ... 180

Krivosheyev R. E. The First Record of Platydema violaceum (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) from the North of Ukraine ... 188