Volume 42, No. 3 (May-June, 2008)

Fauna and Systematics

Belofastova I., Lozovsky V. L. New Data on the Gregarines (Eugregarinorida, Cephaloidophoridae, Porosporidae) Parasites of the Black Sea Crabs (Decapoda, Reptantia) ... 195–205 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Puchkov A. V. A Review of the Ground Beetles of the Genus Carabus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Ukraine ... 207–219 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Vas’ko B. N. Occurencies of Teratosus and Gynandromorphism among Some Species of Beetles of the Genus Polyphylla (Coleoptera, Melolonthidae) ... 221–227 [abstract] [full text in PDF]


Vitchalkovskaya N. V. Distribution and Intraspecific Variability of the Crimean Endemic Snail Brephulopsis cylindrica (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Buliminidae) behind the Native Area of Distridution ... 229–235 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Akimov I. G., Kiryushin V. E. Possible Ways of Adaptation of Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera, Apidae) to Parasitizing of Mite Varroa destructor ... 237–247 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Shuvalikov V. B. Cytogenetical Monitoring of the Malaria Mosquito Population in Lower Dnieper Area ... 249–254 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Dyadichko V. G. Seasonal Changes of the Species Composition of Carnivore Aquatic Beetles (Coleoptera, Hydradephaga) in the Southern Ukraine of the Steppe Intermittent Rivers ... 255–261 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Short Communications

Zerova M. D., Seryogina L. Ya. A Review of Palearctic Species of the Genus Pseuderimerus (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) with a Description of One New Species from Iran ... 263–265 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Movchan Yu. V. A New Reliable Finding of Eudontomyzon mariae (Petromyzontida, Petromyzontidae) on Lower Reaches of the Danube ... 267–268 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Diripasko O. A., Demchenko N. A., Kulik P. V., Zabroda T. A. An Expansion of the Pumpkinseed, Lepomis gibbosus (Centrarchidae, Perciformes), Area of Distribution into the East of Ukraine ... 269–273 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Rusin M. Yu., Sineva N. V., Kolesnikov M. A. On a State of the Northern Mole-Vole, Ellobius talpinus (Rodentia, Cricetidae), in Eastern Ukraine ... 275–279 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

New Books

Zabludovskaya S. A. Review of the Book: A. V. Kharadov, P. A. Chirov. The Trombiculid Mites (Acariformes: Leeuwenhoekiidae, Trombiculidae) of Kyrgyzstan ... 283–284

Men of Science

Zagorodniuk I. V., Emelianov I. G. In Memoriam of Yuliy Ivanovych Krochko ... 285–286


Samchyshyna L., Turbanov I. Second Find of Branchipus schaefferi (Branchiopoda, Anostraca) from Ukraine ... 206

Guglya J. A., Zinenko O. I. New Data on Expansion of the LeafMining Moth, Cameraria ochridella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae), in Ukraine ... 220

Nazarenko V. Yu., Savchenko E. Yu. The First Record of Graptus steppensis (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Ukraine (Donetsk Region) ... 228

Smirnov N. A. Finds of the Agile Frog, Rana dalmatina (Amphibia, Ranidae), in Chernivtsi Region ... 236

Zaika S. Dione Snake, Elaphe dione (Colubridae), in the Krasna River Valley in the Lugansk Province (Eastern Ukraine) ... 248

Kovtun O. A., Zolotarev V. N. The First Find of the Oyster Crassostrea gigas (Bivalvia, Ostreidae) in Odessa Bay (the Black Sea) ... 262

Amolin A. V. Records of Two Rare Species of Potter-Wasps (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae) from Kharkov and Belgorod Regions ... 266

Matviychuk O. Ocassional Visits of Rose-Colored Starling, Sturnius roseus (Sturnidae, Passeriformes) in Vinnitsya Region ... 274

Tyshchenko V. M., Godlevskaya E. V. First Winter Records of Vespertilio murinus and Nyctalus noctula (Chiroptera) in Kyiv ... 280

Zagorodniuk I. V., Kalinichenko O. I. New Natural Site of Bat Hibernation (Chiroptera) in the Polissia ... 286