Volume 43, No. 3 (May-June, 2009)

Monchenko V. I., Samchyshyna L. V. Concept of Crossed Populations: Application in Cyclopoida Taxonomy ... 195–198 [abstract]

Fauna and Systematics

Leonov M. M., Myl’nikov A. P. Heliozoans (Centrohelida, Actinophryida) of Sphagnous Bogs in Central Russia ... 199–207 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Kuzmina T. A., Zvegintsova N. S., Zharkikh T. L. Strongylid Community Structure of the Przewalski’s Horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) from the Biosphere Reserve “Askania-Nova”, Ukraine ... 209–215 [abstract]

Klyuchko Z. F. Dynamics of Content and Number of the Moths Species (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in Lugansk Natural Reserve (Ukraine) ... 217–229 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Verlatiy D. B., Mezhzherin S. V., Fedorenko L. V. Species Structure and Catches of Anadromous and Freshwater Fishes of Lower Dnieper Estuarian System: Dynamics in XX Century and Comparison with Lower Danube ... 231–244 [abstract] [full text in PDF]


Omeri I. D. Phytoseiid Mites (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) on Plants in Trostyanets Dendrological Park (Ukraine) ... 245–252 [abstract]

Godlevskaya E. V., Ghazali M. A., Postawa T. A Current State of Cave Dwelling Bat Species (Mammalia, Chiroptera) of the Crimea ... 253–265 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Short Communivcations

Kameneva E. P. A New Species of the Genus Cymatosus (Diptera, Ulidiidae) from Central America, with a Key to Species ... 267–273 [abstract]

Manilo L. G. To Distribution of Some Species of the Family Gobiidae (Perciformes, Gobiidae) in the Waters of Ukraine ... 275–281 [abstract] [full text in PDF]

Men of Science

LANTSOV V. I., KORNEYEV V. A. Evgeniy Nikolaevich SAVCHENKO ... 283–284

New Books

KOVTUN M. F. Fish Anatomy, by O.P.Melnik, V.V.Kostyuk and P.G.Shevchenko. Review of the book ... 285


Shadrin N. V., Zagorodnya Yu. A., Nagorskaya L. L., Samchyshyna L. Finds of Branchinella spinosa (Anostraca, Thamnocephalidae) in the Salt Lakes of the Crimean Peninsula (Ukraine) ... 208

Sinitshenkova N. D., Perkovsky E. E. The First Find of Stoneflies (Insecta, Perlida = Plecoptera) in Rovno Amber ... 216

Mikhaylov K. G., Martynovchenko F. A. Pseudeuophrys lanigera (Aranei, Salticidae) — First Record in Russia ... 216

Gavrilyuk Î. V., Mykitchak Ň. I. The Upper Limit of Distribution of Breeding Sites of the Carpathian Newt, Lissotriton montandoni and Alpine Newt, Mesotriton alpestris (Caudata, Salamandridae) in Ukraine ... 230

Zagorodniuk I., Zaika S. New Records of Rare Snake Species (Reptilia, Serpentes) in the Lugans’k Province, Eastern Ukraine ... 266

Semenov Yu. B. Insects (Arthropoda, Insecta) Included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine Registered for the Perekopskyi Isthmus of the Crimean Peninsula (Ukraine) ... 274

Kostin S. Yu. About unknown colony of the Shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis (Pelecaniformes), on the South Coast of the Crimea ... 282

Kvach Yu., Kudrenko S., Mierzejewska K. The First Record of the Bighead Goby, Neogobius kessleri (Actinopterygii, Gobiidae), in the Khadzhibey Estuary, SW Ukraine ... 286