Volume 45, No. 5 (September-October, 2011)

Fauna and Systematics

MANAFOV A. A. New Virgulid Cercaria (Trematoda, Lecithodendroidea) from Freshwater Mollusk Melanopsis praemorsa (Melanopsidae) from Azerbaijan Water Bodies. Morphology of Cercaria agstaphensis 27 ... 387–392

ANISTRATENKO V. V., VASILKOVSKAYA O. B., BARSCHEVSKAYA N. N. Some Macrobenthic Invertebrates (Gastropoda, Arthropoda) from the North Black Sea Coast Limans: Review of Fauna and EcologicalGeographical Characteristic ... 393–403

BARANOV V. A.?New and Rare Species of Orthocladiinae (Diptera, Chironomidae) from the Crimea, Ukraine ... 405–410

KIRICHENKO M. B., DANYLKIV J. M. The Species Diversity of Beetles (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae, Carabidae) on the Protected Areas in the City of Kyiv ... 411–420


MARINO-PEREZ R., MAYEN-ESTRADA R., MACIP-RIOS R., DOVGAL I. V. Morphometric Variations of Discophrya elongata (Ciliophora, Suctorea) Attached to Two Different Species of Aquatic True Bugs (Hemiptera, Prosorrhyncha, Nepomorpha) ... 421–427

KHAGHANINIA S., MOHAMMADI S. A., IRANI NEJAD K. H., ZAHIRI R. Geometric Morphometric Study on Geographic Dimorphism of Codling Moth Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) from North West of Iran ... 429–437

STEKLENEV E. P. Terms of Display of Sexual Activity of Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes (Carnivora, Canidae), in Ukrainian Steppe Region ... 439–445


GRINTSOV V. A. Morphological Distinguish of Genera Hyale Species (Amphipoda, Hyalidae) from Black Sea (Coastal Line of Crimea) ... 447–455

Short Communications

KOROL E. N. The Cercariae of Diplostomum rutili (Trematoda, Diplostomidae) are the Parasites Lymnaea stagnalis in Crimea ... 457–461

TRACH V. A. The First Record of the Family Parantennulidae (Acari, Mesostigmata) in Ukraine with Redescription of Female of Parantennulus scolopendrarum ... 463–467

NESIN V. A. A New Species of Mice (Rodentia, Muridae) from the Late Miocene of Ukraine ... 469–472

GOL’DIN P. E. Case of Cephalic Presentation of a Foetus in a Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena (Cetacea, Phocoenidae), with Notes on Other Aquatic Mammals ... 473–477


KLYUCHKO Z. F., KHALAIM E. V. The First Record of Calocucullia celsiae (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera) from Ukraine ... 404

GURAL-SVERLOVA N. V. New Data on Distribushion Mollusk Pomatias rivulare (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Pomatiasidae) in Western Part of Mountain Crimea ... 428

PERKOVSKY E. E. First Finding of Syninclusion of Ants Formica sp. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) and Aphids Electrocallis (Homoptera, Aphidinea, Drepanosiphidae) in Late Eocene Amber from West Coast of Jutland ... 438

PERKOVSKY E. E. About Transfer Catopocerus kovalevi to the Genus Perkovskius Lafer (Leiodidae, Catopocerinae) ... 438

NAZARENKO V. Yu. New Record of Apionid Weevil Perapion connexum (Coleoptera, Apionidae) in Kyiv ... 446

VOLOKH A. M., SHESTOPAL M. I. Detection of a Golden Jackal, Canis aureus (Mammalia, Carnivora), in the Lower Dnieper Region ... 456

TSYBA A. A. The Lepomis gibbosus (Pisces, Centrarchidae) Population Found in Reservoir of the Kyiv Region ... 462

GONTARENKO A. V. Further Records of Two Adventive Beetle Species (Insecta, Coleoptera) from Ukraine ... 468

MASLOVA O. O., NEGROBOV O. P. New Records of Chrysotus collini (Dolichopodidae, Diptera) ... 478