Volume 46, No. 6 (November-December, 2012)

Fauna and Systematics

KRASNOVYD V., KVACH Yu., DROBINIAK O. The Parasite Fauna of the Gobiid Fish (Actinopterygii, Gobiidae) in the Sukhyi Lyman, Black Sea ... 483–490

BALASHOV I. Terrestrial Mollusks (Gastropoda) of the Slovechansko-Ovrutsky Ridge (Zhytomyr Region, Northern Ukraine) ... 491–497

MIRAB-BALOU M., CHEN X.-X. Iranian Thrips of the Family Aeolothripidae (Insecta, Thysanoptera), with four Newly Recorded Species ... 499–507

SAINI M. S., PANDHER M. S., RAMAMURTHY V. V. Three New Species of the Genus Kisaura (Trichoptera, Philopotamidae) from Indian Himalaya ... 509–514

SUKHOMLIN K. B. Preliminary Analysis of Phylogenetic Relationships Among Palaearctic Simuliinae (Diptera, Simuliidae) Inferred from Morphological Characters ... 515–532


SYLAYEVA A. A., PROTASOV A. A., MOROZOVSKAYA I. A. Interrelation Between Unionids and Their Epibionts in the Cooling Pond of the Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant (Ukraine) ... 533–538

STEKLENEV E. P. Relationship Between Reproduction and Antlersformation in the Pere David’s Deer, Elaphurus davidianus (Mammalia, Artiodactyla), under Semi-Free Conditions in the South of Ukraine ... 539–549


TSVELYKH A. N., YABLONOVSKA-GRISHCHENKO E. D. Song Repertoire of the Crimean Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs (Fringillidae), and Comparative Analysis of the Vocalization Features of F. c. solomkoi, F. c. coelebs and F. c. caucasica Subspecies ... 551–559

Short Communication

HAVA J. Contribution to Knowledge of the Genus Apsectus (Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Trinodinae) from Mexico and Neotropical Region ... 561–564

OVCHARUK N. P., SOROKA N. M. Reaction of the Cattle Organism to the Agents of Gastrointestinal Strongyidoses ... 565–570


NOVICKII R. O., VOVK M. V. Alien Fishes in as Food Objects of the Grey Heron at the Dniprovs’ke (Zhaporizkhe) Reservoir ... 498

KLIUCHKO Z. F., AFANAS’EVA V. O., GOLOBOROD’KO K. K. New and Little-Known Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) from Ukraine ... 508

ZAGORODNIUK I., SAVARIN A. Steppe Fox, Vulpes corsac (Mammalia, Carnivora), in the Middle Dnipro Region: the Westernmost Modern Record of the Species ... 508

KUZMIN Yu. I., KUKUSHKIN O. V. Hexametra quadricornis (Nematoda, Ascaridida) from Leopard Snake (Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae) in Crimea (Ukraine) ... 550

SUS B. B. New Records of the European Wild Cat Felis silvestris (Mammalia, Carnivora), in the Vinnytsya Area (Ukraine) ... 550

SEVCIK M., LUCAN R. K. First Record of Spinturnix helvetiae (Acarina, Spinturnicidae) from Croatia ... 560