Volume 36, No. 5 (September-October, 2002)

DLUSSKY G. M., PERKOVSKY E. E. Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from the Rovno Amber ... 3–20

Fauna and Systematics

MELNYCHENKO R. K. About Polyploidy and Aneuploidy in Cells of the Family Unionidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in the Area of Ukraine ... 21–26

PUTSHKOV P. V. Rhynocoris persicus (Heteroptera, Reduviidae): Three Species or One? ... 27–34

RADCHENKO A. G., ELMES G. W. First Description of the Sexual Forms of Seven Himalayan Myrmica species (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) ... 35–46


MAZLUMIAN S. À., PROSVIROV Yu. V. Structure and Diversity of Benthic Community During Succession ... 47–54

KRAMARENKO S. S. The Peculiarities of Crossing and Reproduction of the Land Snail Xeropicta derbentina (Pulmonata, Hygromiidae) near the Northern Area Boundases ... 55–60

SVERLOVA N. V. The Influence of Anthropogenic Barriers on Phenotypical Structure of Populations of Cepaea hortensis (Gastropoda, Helicidae) under Urban Conditions ... 61–64

Short Communications

PRUSOVA I. Yu., GUBANOVA A. D., SHADRIN N. V., KURASHOVA E. K., TINEN-KOVA D. Ch. Acartia tonsa (Copepoda, Calanoida): a New Species in the Caspian and Azov Seas Zooplankton ... 65–68

TERENTYEV A. S. Crab Pilumnus hirtellus (Decapoda, Xanthidae) Distribution in Small Phyllophora Field in the Karkinitsky Bay of the Black Sea ... 69–72

GODUNKO R. J., PROKOPOV G. A., KLONOWSKA-OLEJNIK M. Complementary Description of the Winged Stages of Electrogena braaschi (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae) ... 73–76

GERSHENSON Z. S., PAVLICEK T., CHIKATUNOV V. I., NEVO E. New Records of Yponomeutoid Moths (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae, Plutellidae) from Israel ... 77–80

TSVELYKH A. N., PANJUSHKIN V. E. Wintering of the Black Kite (Milvus migrans) in Ukraine ... 81–83

MOVCHAN Y. V., PAN`KOV A. V., RABTSEVICH Y. E. Finds of New Species of Fishes for the Middle and Upper Stream of the Southern Bug ... 85–88

SOKOLOV S. G. The First Record of Gyrodactylus alexanderi (Plathelminthes, Monogenea, Gyrodactylidae) in Eurasian Fauna ... 89–90

Information and Chronicle

KORNIUSHIN A. V., MELNYCHENKO R. K. International Scientific Conference “Molluscs. The Main Results, Problems and Prospectives of Research” (Zhytomyr, 13–15 May 2002) ... 91

KOVBLYUK N. M. 20th European Arachnological Colloquium ... 92

Man of Science

KOTENKO T. I. Nikolai Nikolayevich Shcherbak (1927–1998) ... 93–95


KUDRENKO S. A., KVACH Yu. Occurrence of Fishes New for the Fauna of the Khazhibey Estuary (Black Sea, Ukraine) ... 84

MOVCHAN Yu. V. First Records of Common Sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus (Pisces, Centrarchidae), for the Southern Bug ... 84

KORNEYEV S. V. The First Record of the Genus Cnodacophora (Diptera, Micropezidae) from Ukraine ... 96

TOLKANITZ V. I. A New Replacement Name in the Genus Metopius (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) ... 96

ANTONETS N. V. The Badger, Meles meles, in Dniprovsko-Orelsky Reserve ... 96

List of New Taxa and New Replacement Names, Published in “Vestnik Zoologii” in 2001 ... 97–98